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Welcome to SelectLawnMowing — proud providers of residential and commercial lawn care services in Saint Johns.

Are your lawns looking scruffy and out of shape? Tired of wasting your time and energy?
Let SelectLawnMowing take care of them for you and get them looking just the way you like. We believe that a lawn that looks great is one you can look out over and be proud of and at SelectLawnMowing in Saint Johns we can achieve this with a minimum of disruption and a degree of care that may surprise you. You can be assured that you will receive a reliable service that will leave your lawn looking great. Guaranteed.

Fully insured

All our Saint Johns operators are covered with Public Liability Insurance. This means that in the unlikely situation where your property might be damaged, you’ll be informed of exactly what happened and it will be made good at no cost to you. This is important for both you and for us.

Regular & reliable

Unless otherwise agreed, you will be put on our regular roster which provides a two-weekly cycle through spring, summer and autumn, and every three weeks through winter. We can also work to a custom roster that suits you, just call us to discuss your preferred requirements.

Catch or mulch

Using our commercial mulch mowers we can have your lawn looking great without the costly expense of removing clippings. If you prefer your lawn caught, we can either leave the clippings at your place or remove them. Speak to us about what will work best for you and your lawn.